About Us

Company Overview

Omni Marble, Inc. is the premier Custom Stone Furniture and Object manufacturer located in Dallas, Texas, near Downtown Dallas.  We specialize in the production of custom designs and have highly skilled and gifted stone craftsmen on staff.  Our specialists are true artists with the "Old-World" Craftsmanship skill-set and able to fulfill many variations of the most challenging and sophisticated design work.   

Our clientele consist of the most sophisticated customers with high expectations and are located coast to coast, and in some of the most upscale neighborhoods and institutions.  You will find Omni Marble custom furniture in State Houses, Estates, Libraries, Churches, and museums.  We work with custom designers, decorators, boutiques, art and furniture restorations, and architects.  Visit our gallery section to see some examples of designs and furniture manufactured.


William (Bill) Freeman:

  • General Manager of Omni Marble
  • CEO of Columbarium Concepts, a division of Omni Marble Inc

Mary Freeman:

  • President of Omni Marble Inc
  • COO of Columbarium Concepts